sunday snooze


sunday snooze 02

The second in the Sunday Snooze series. This is quite a different route to the other Sunday Snooze mixes. It is very ambient, lots of soundscapes, sweeps and weird noises. But, it still manages to retain that relaxed spaced out vibe. I originally made it in 1999 but made a redux in 2002. It was made for those ‘chemical’ mornings where you want the daylight to go away so you can re-live the previous night. You can’t sleep, but you can fall into that state of paralysis between reality and god knows where…. Hence the name ‘chemical snooze’

00.00 Tabula Rasa - Sunset At The Cafe Del Mar Buy track
06.22 Boards Of Canada - Olson (Version 3) Buy track
08.41 Aqua Bassino - Ibiza Buy track
20.00 Biosphere - Hyperborea Buy track
25.04 A.R. Rahman - Mumbai Theme Tune Buy track
29.57 Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Prelude & Yodel Buy track
32.16 Nova Nova - Tones Buy track
38.05 Los Olvidados - Cinematic Sundown Buy track
43.55 Wim Mertens - Close Cover Buy track
46.53 Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (original) Buy track
50.50 Pat Metheny - Sueño con México Buy track
55.59 Infernal - Serengeti (Bless Mix) Buy track
61.00 Fleetwood Mac & Chris Coco - Albatross Buy track
65.48 Global Communication - 14 31 Buy track