laidback niceness


laidback niceness 10

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a Laidback Niceness mix. So much good music has come out since the last, so I’ve made a special 2+ hour mix. This one is not as smooth as the previous as I wanted to play these tracks and no matter how hard I tried to make them fit they key classed a lot, so forgive the lack of real flow. But I think the track selection will make up for it.

01. David Kitt - Headphones Buy track
02. A Reminiscent Drive - Ambrosia Buy track
03. Hefner - Level Green Buy track
04. E.D. Swankz - Daytime Dramamine Buy track
05. Lux - Northern Lights Buy track
06. word of apples - fifteen months Buy track
07. Ursula Rucker - Circe (Jazzanova Mix) Buy track
08. Zero7 - Red dust Buy track
09. Massive Attack - Hymn of the Big Wheel Buy track
10. Tayla - Stargazing Buy track
11. Massive Attack - Blue Lines Buy track
12. Air - All I Need Buy track
13. David Kitt - Song From Hope Street Buy track
14. Pulp - A little Soul Buy track
15. Gavin Froome - Closer To Leaving Buy track
16. Kinobe - Planet Soup Buy track
17. The Rolling Stones - Miss you (Dr. Dre Remix) Buy track
18. The Rolling Stones - Miss You Buy track