digging deep


digging deep 03

Here is version 3. Have gone for a more head nodding 110bpm mix this time. I spent about 2 weeks trying to get the perfect mix to you guys and then realised that it defeated the purpose of Digging Deep. The purpose being that I wanted the mixes to be free flowing and not pre-planned and programmed. I find this will force me the better my mixing skills. So, I took out all my low tempo tracks and played them in the order I thought would work. One take. Hope you like it.

01. Break SL – My Love Is For U” (Syjana & Break Sl vocals) Buy track
02. ???? Buy track
03. Soultourist – Maniac Love – Yeah! Buy track
04. Manuel Tur – Stay (12″ extended instrumental) Buy track
05. Rainer Trueby – Ayers Rock Buy track
06. Mark E – Fazer Buy track
07. Ooft – This Sound Buy track
08. The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Mark E remix) Buy track
09. Mark E – Slave 1 Buy track